Gary Cohen pokes fun at Phillies fan pleading with girlfriend during Mets game

This past weekend was a tough one for Phillies fans everywhere, as their series loss to the Mets featured a blown six-run ninth inning lead on Thursday. Announcer Gary Cohen had a great time rubbing the Mets’ success in the faces of the Philadelphia faithful.

During his broadcast for SNY Sunday night, which ended in a 6-1 Mets win, Cohen added some commentary on a hilarious video of two Phillies fans sitting together at the game.

The pair, which appear to be a couple, is seen talking. The man pleads with the woman as tears are streaming down her face. Cohen reenacted what he believed was going on during the duo’s conversation.

“No I want you to stay for the whole second game. They might rally, they could win,” Cohen said, mimicking what he imagined the boyfriend was saying as the NL East rivals played a Sunday doubleheader after rainouts on Friday and Saturday.

The hilarious moment at the game went viral online, with fans saying “Cohen has been savage lately” and that he is “a true poet” for his bad lip reading masterclass.

“That Gary Cohen play by play of the Phillies fan couple was hilarious,” one fan tweeted.

Fans chimed in online, giving their own added commentary on the apparent fight going on between the Phillies fans. Many pointed how hilarious it was that SNY kept the camera lingering on the couple for such an extended length of time.

“SNY doing these Philly fans so dirty,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Phillies fans have a break up cam instead of a kiss cam,” wrote another.

DraftKings took it one step further posing the question “What did he do? wrong answers only” to Twitter. The Internet delivered in its responses, with one fan writing “He forced her to be a Phillies fan… he couldn’t have possibly done anything worse than that.”

Another fan wrote that he “told her he’s taking her somewhere nice and brought her to a Phillies game.”

“She went through his likes on Instagram,” a fan responded.

Mets announcers Gary Cohen and Ron DarlingMets announcers Gary Cohen and Ron DarlingAP

Two fans took a crack at interpreting the video through a fake conversation like Cohen did, both bringing in other Philadelphia athletes. The first fan joked that the man in the video was saying: “At this point, he’s actually underrated. I still believe James Harden is a top 10 player who could be the best player on an NBA championship team.”

The second fan brought in Phillies ace Bryce Harper: “If you love Bryce Harper so much why don’t you just go date him?”

Thursday’s game saw similar waterworks from Phillies fans. However, instead of a personal spat, they seemed to be crying over the bloodbath going on at Citi Field.

After the Phillies carried the lead for the first eight innings 7-1, the game turned into a massive heartbreaker for Philadelphia fans when the Mets rallied back with seven runs during the ninth inning to clinch the win 8-7.

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